Ah now then cars, having religiously watched Top Gear with The Boy this was part of the wedding planning process he had an interest in. I’ve never really understood the wedding pictures where the couple are stood in front of the wedding car, I mean it’s just a car, I like cars but what the hell has it to do with the wedding apart from getting you from a to b? Now I’ve had my wedding day I can say that the time in the car to the church with my dad, albeit a short journey, was priceless and the journey from church to reception with my new husband was pretty awesome too and because we chose pretty cool transport I’m glad to have pictures with them.

The Husband wanted a Rolls Royce long-based Phantom, originally but they were too rare and expensive so he demoted his request to a general Rolls and we hired our Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III from Lavelle Classics in Rothwell, squishy back seats, smart and helpful driver and excellent service. It was a classic without being weirdly old-fashioned for a normal 21st century wedding. Bridal top tip, Always pay attention to how wide the doors open, how low the seats are or how high the step into the car will be and consider all those things with your dress, it might not be as easy as you think.


We organised a vintage bus to take our guests from the church to reception, because of the size of the wedding a single-decker would do, and a big red London bus wouldn’t make much sense in deepest darkest Yorkshire. The Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company were amazing, a conductor and a driver were supplied with our Guy Arab 1951 open side door bus and they worked with me to organise pick ups from the two hotels to the church and then back again, and they stuck around while we had our photos taken and obliged where we needed. Flowers and ribbon were included to match our colour theme too. One of my favourite memories and photos is of our friends and family from all parts of our lives heading off together on the bus to the reception and it worked to get everyone in the party spirit and start to get to know each other.


I can’t recommend both companies enough, links in the pictures. I loved how the curved wheel arches and large grills on both cars, coming from similar eras, complemented each other, I always find it odd when a few cars are used at wedding but they have no discernible link to each other. Are you planing on transporting your guests, has it been easy or with a large party a bit of nightmare? Anyone going for a less traditional mode of transport or going very old school with horse and carriage?



902847_10153304623660408_2028944485_oI like to make an occasion of things (in case you hadn’t noticed already) when we got our official wedding photos back we got both sets of parents round for a full slide show extravaganza. The photos are amazing and if you follow me on social media you’ll know that Ed Godden was our man and we can’t rate him highly enough.

We had bubbly and nibbles for the parents big screening and for Christmas presents last year they got personalised photo books and the whole blooming lot on a memory stick to do with as they please (along with some scrummy hampers). I loved getting them back on a memory stick (partially to do with the cost of the beautiful albums) as it meant we could take our time to choose our prints and make an album. This still hasn’t happened yet but I plan on asking for some lovely photo albums to fill from Santa this year. I particularly like Aspinals of London, I bought our friends a wedding gift of photo albums from them, they can be personalised, so they have one for wedding and one for honeymoon and I do like the idea of creating an album that you can add all the tickets and mementos from the trip or day alongside pictures. Snapfish come highly recommended for prints and I used Optimal Print for our thank you cards, excellent service, sent through the next day and really good quality, I would use them again.

There are loads of companies that will print your digital photos for you, I loved the fact our wedding photographer sent our pre wedding shoot to us via drop box and our big day photos came on a USB stick. We have a Canon printer at home, only for 4×6 but we have a few of those multi-frames on the walls of our lounge for that size so we can get our photos up on the wall as soon as we want, and we can change them whenever we get bored too. I am strangely nostalgic for the days when you took your film capsule into a photo shop and had to wait for it to develop and then stand outside looking through all the terrible shots you hid at the back of the pile. Yes you didn’t know if you took a duff shot but you physically had them to re-print and frame and place in photo albums. How many of you have hundreds if not thousands of digital photos on a hard drive right now but not in an album to be able to share and enjoy? A little sad I think. As we approach Christmas a time for friends and family, and the new year, for new beginnings, take a trip down memory lane, get out the album you haven’t looked at in years or create the one you’ve been meaning to for months, but don’t forget the bubbles and enjoy.

Finding a photographer was a very difficult process for us because we like photography ourselves and we got quite picky. The choices are endless and the more you search on the internet the more you are comparing prices and packages and how they compose group shots and do they do silly ones and is it a bit more reportage, and none of this was helped by the fact The Boy is surgically attached to a Canon SLR 90% of the time.

I didn’t do what every bride seems to do when I read blogs and ‘we saw the site and knew immediately they were for us’. Maybe it’s because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The Boy could have done our photos if he was not going to be slightly busy on the day. Did anyone out there have similar issue? A graphic designer with way too much pressure to produce the stationary? Someone who’s done a flower course and is torn between cracking on yourself or being picky about people’s work? There’s saving money and making a bridge for your own back I think and ultimately you should be enjoying the day.

There was certain criteria for our photographer, their website had to be clear and easy to look through and give a price list so we knew where we stood, if they haven’t put the effort into a website what hope should you have for the rest of the service and a black background with a difficult to use gallery just won’t cut it. They then had to fall into our budget, but photography isn’t something you should be tight with, this is your lasting memory of the day, all that time and effort to get it just as you want but then have a poor quality memento of the whole thing, not really what you want is it? Then we obviously had to like the work, this is complete personal preference but not too many staged shots, but the flexibility to give us some family shots and the rest a record of the day as it ran, no messing with standing a colour out or putting a dinosaur chasing us in the background, and definitely no over produced shots in Photoshop. We eventually got a short list of 3 photographers and went to meet them, this seems to be another factor than some people neglect, but even if it’s a long phone conversation or Skype spend some time getting to know your photographer and for them to get an idea of what you want from the day, that way you’ll get it.

We were offered a pre-wedding shoot and if you have doubts about these, don’t. Definitely take advantage of them because it’s another way to get to know your photographer and if you’re not very comfortable in front of a camera, or even if you’re a regular Kate Moss it means you get used to what will be asked of you in posing from your photographer and they’ll get to understand what you’re comfortable with.

We quickly felt comfortable around ours, Mr Ed Godden, Aside from my fringe dying on me due to the humidity, and feeling silly posing for someone we understood what he wanted and fell into it, and we now have some lovely couple photos, not something we have enough of, we’re quick to take pictures of things and places we visit but not us together.



The Boy likes his camera, his first SLR was all the way back in September  2009 not that long after we’d got together so our relationship has been punctuated with late night star trail shots, weird and wonderful ideas for 365 day challenges and experiments with off camera flash and me trying to understand a whole new language of apertures and shutter speeds. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures and I think I have an eye for capturing things, but The Boy definitely has the patience and technical ability I lack with a fancy camera, so between us we make a decent photographer. Due to his skills family members began to pester that he should try to do it full-time. We know our wedding photographer is getting booked up to 2016 but that’s because he has 18 years of experience, and from the days trying to find a photographer we know that the market is saturated with people vying for your business, it would also take a decent outlay of cash to upgrade his current equipment, but it is a nice idea. What a lovely job it must be to share people’s special days with them and to be able to give them their lasting memories from it, a lot of pressure but a job filled with love.

Do we all have hobbies and enjoyment that we’d like to become our job, I think those that actually do are in the wonderful minority, if we all did it then who would work in Barclays anyway?! From planning my wedding I’d love to move into event planner and hopefully from this blog and some upcoming events I’ll share with you I can make something of it, but will the reality ruin my enjoyment, would taking photographs full-time ruin The Boy’s love for it,  I guess you don’t know unless you go for it.

In this spirit when our friends wanted some nice pictures at the request of a mother for Christmas we went on a simple walk with them and came back with around 20 couple shots for them to choose from. It was a nice way to spend an hour, all quite painless and a rather nice selection came from it. The mum approved. See my favourite below.

If you’re interested in some family or couple pictures taking, whether you’ve got engaged or just realise there’s a gap in your photo album for this time in your life, then contact The Boy on We’re in the Yorkshire region and as he’s building a portfolio it’s very reasonable and relaxed. You might be getting married soon and you’re not sure how you feel in front of a camera. The Boy (with me usually tagging along) is building up his experience behind the camera, perfect arrangement, eh?