new year and exciting happenings

Well happy new year to you all, we had a rather protracted start to 2015, our household was stricken with flu in the first week of the year and then we’ve been so busy trying to get to grips with the new working year and organise our house ready for our baby’s arrival in a few weeks. This has impacted on our shop and blog activity but at the start of the second month of 2015 (seriously one month down already how quickly is the year going)? it’s time to get back on the party planning, wedding and general loveliness bandwagon and hopefully any of you who struggled through Dry January will be in the mood to join me. Congratulations to anyone who can proclaim “I’m getting married this year” or who was newly engaged over the festive period. This year I will be welcoming my first child, turning 30 with many of my friends and my parents will celebrate 50 years of marriage. There will be baby showers, French holidays, interior design and wedding inspiration coming your way, so while I can’t join you just yet, enjoy a glass of something crisp and white, put your feet up and enjoy your twice weekly instalments and here’s to 2015.