My life now

I’m sat writing this with an 8-week-old baby on my lap, he will probably wake up if I move him and he looks so peaceful it’s too difficult to effect his slumber just for the sake of the feeling in my legs. This baby, this little blonde haired blue-eyed boy is the reason this blog has been quiet of late. He is the reason I felt compelled to paint the house on my maternity leave and fill the 3 weeks with shopping, cleaning, ironing, organising and not as much sleep as I wish I had had. He is the reason I haven’t had a full nights sleep for 8 weeks and 5 days, and that might not be because he’s necessarily woken up but that I was in an anticipatory or anxious light sleep. He is the reason my online life revolves around nursery decorations, romper suits and baby showers. He is the reason going for a bowel movement still isn’t a fun carefree activity it used to be. His face is the reason my Facebook posts gets 4 times as many likes as before. He is a red-faced straining farting and pooing machine. He is an ever hungry, frowning, long finger spreading, snoring beauty and now I’ve got to know him* he is my everything. I still want to talk parties and weddings and homes, budgets, planning and life but that life is now babies, nurseries and baby showers. I now I feel in a position to continue with this blog as my son starts to find his feet (although not physically) and I have the extra hour a day to update my Pinterest and write to whoever is reading out there.

*more on unconditional love in another post.



I loved planning my wedding (our 1st anniversary is next week), aside from the family dramas and a bit of stressing, actually putting together our day was great fun and I wanted to be involved in it while I was at work and when I should have really been doing other things. To give you a brief back ground, my university degree was a preference of generic subject not a route to a career and my subsequent jobs have happened through chance and good fortune not a bigger plan. So what follows are ebbs and flows of feeling undervalued and unmotivated to getting by and earning my pennies for more exciting things to occasional projects where I think I can take on the world. At the end of the day I want to work to live not live to work, and my friends are a complete mismatch of part-time workers with children to career driven solicitors and at times I envy them all with varying degree. I guess the wedding led me to the love of parties, planning and the blogging world and I wanted to share my voice, and this blog is now my career path.

Top Hat and Lace described our wedding so I thought it should describe my blog. It won’t just be weddings, it’ll be discussions, family, parties, babies and general loveliness. I want to organise parties and share my styling tips and internet finds with you all, I have no experience but I enjoy it and obviously hope you will too and along the way let me know your thoughts too. A great big community of people who want to see a nice nursery, detailed real life weddings, ideas for BBQs or anniversary parties and inspiration for everyday joys and pretty. I’ll be posting every Sunday and Wednesday and hope you enjoy.

Claire xx