pregnancy style

Last week I went to a charity ball, and at 6 months pregnant my outfit choice took more consideration than normal. I’m current experiencing an ambivalence to clothes due to my burgeoning bump, a resentment in buying anything new that’s too pricey in the thought that it won’t get worn very much, if ever again. Then there’s how to dress a bump, a smock, A-line style dress which could border on swapping me like a tent (I’m not the tallest of girls) or go for a more Kim Kardashian approach of showing the bump off more proudly with something a little more body-con. My friend bought a beautiful lace dress from Isabel Oliver for a wedding and some occasions she had planned and there were some lovely options on the site, I can understand why she is popular but it was a little bit more than I’d like to pay and I spent hours trawling the asos maternity collections but a lot were uninspiring copies of what Miss Oliver was producing, the same went for New Look and other high street maternity ranges. It’s nice that the options are there, even if they’re not in abundance in actual stores, but the ranges are all a little similar rather than a maternity version of the dresses they’re flogging for the party season to the non-pregnant shopper. In the end I went for a size up in a body con dress from which should fit me through the next few week to Christmas and then I’m giving up in leggings and big jumpers until the big arrival. Below are some of favourite ladies rocking their bumps in various ways and me in the mix looking as glam as I can get these days. Any of you pregnant out there and having similar issues or have you found the best retailer of maternity wear glam or otherwise? Share with us your finds.






baby shower

My friend Anneka is expecting her first baby any day now, about a month ago a friend and me put together a baby shower for her and I’d like to share it with you today At the start of our planning process we divided our jobs into food, decorations, venue, guest list and invites. Due to the timing of the shower, late October, we went with a woodland theme, keeping the colours red, brown and green, this also fitted a gender neutral theme as we are yet to know what baby will be. We sorted venue, Granma-to-be’s house, and guest list first, sending out save the dates so we had more time to pull together the invites. Pinterest was a main source of inspiration, for decorations, food and game ideas, we actually planned more games than we even got round to playing on the day. We held it on a Sunday afternoon, one lesson learnt was that baby showers, although becoming more popular in the UK are still an idea from America, like gender reveal parties and Black Friday. So with hindsight the invite should have specified more details we assumed would be known, mainly the playing of games and the serving of a buffet lunch. We divided the tasks and everything came together nicely, we met up on evening in the week before the shower to pull all our resources together and make sure we had everything checked off and from the response we had it was a resounding success. The only thing left to do is share the photos from the day on here and with the attendees. I hope you all enjoy.

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all about the lob

I had a haircut on Saturday, not the most exciting of events but it was a decent trim and root touch up to my ombre lob. I may be late to the party but since watching Beyoncé perform at the Grammy’s at the start of the year with a natural wave and ombre lob I’ve been obsessed. The prefect length to be manageable and not too boring and perfect for my naturally curly hair and since the start of the summer I’ve had my brown roots enhanced with a warm blond at the tips and I’ve absolutely loved it and still do. I’m normally scared to do anything too trendy or will change back after one hairdresser visit but this just works and is still working for so many celebrities, even the power house that is Taylor Swift got rid of her long locks for the look. What do people think to it? Is it getting a bit tired now, what will be the haircut sensation of 2015? Is anyone planning anything dramatic, any strong colour changes? I’m always tempted to go back red at this time of year. Let me know if you’re getting married soon and you’re having hair issues, are people still thinking of growing their hair before the big day to give them more styling option, I’d love to hear what you think.


colourful weddings

I love the colours of this season, the oranges and auburn of the leaves, the nights getting darker with the excuse for more candle light than might be humanly necessary. What I especially love at this time of year is the bold pop of a super colourful wedding; to be honest a bright wedding colour theme works with the onset of spring and in the heat of the summer. There’s further finds on our Pinterest board for Colourful Weddings but below is some my favourites for some big day inspiration. Bridesmaids in a bold mix of colours, bright shoes for the bride and a selection of chair decorations, balloons and confetti. I hope it brightens up your dark autumn evening and mornings.

Ronnie & Craig’s Cooler than Cool, Multi-Coloured DIY Wedding

Soo cute instead of rice or bird seed, really pretty,

rainbow wedding photo by aubrey trinnaman

Super bright and funky wedding colors and dress. #bright #wedding #neon

what a great idea to add a splash of color to your wedding!

Party Resources: I Do II: Emma of Capers Catering

Colorful wedding cake--simple design...would tone down the colors. Maybe all different shades of aqua or aqua and purple and lavender

halloween wreath







It seems to me quite an American tradition to have a wreath on the front door for a holiday celebration, not something you see much in the UK but I really like the concept. Letting your neighbours and visitors know the mood and celebrations happening in the house and brightening up your front door. So I decided to construct my own for Halloween. I coincided a wire frame and using burlap to create a base but I found the pre-made twig effect wreath and thought that would still be an ideal base to change the wreath for Christmas and Spring. I bought a garland of fake autumn leaves, dried fruit and some little cute plastic pumpkins.








I started by threading the garland round the wreath frame then I began to add the detail. I was tempted to add felt flowers and ghouls but as it’s exposed to the elements I stuck with items which would be more robust. If your front door is more sheltered then perhaps add fake cobwebs for a more spooky look or fresh flowers for a more seasonal feel. I bought florist wire to attach the dried fruit and secure the garland more confidently to the frame.








Now it’s up on the front door waiting for the kids to knock for sweets on Friday night, I love how it’s brightened up our plain white PVC door and I’ll update the blog in the coming months when I change the design on the frame to fit for Christmas and Easter holidays and I’ll go into more detail of how I put them together.