Ah now then cars, having religiously watched Top Gear with The Boy this was part of the wedding planning process he had an interest in. I’ve never really understood the wedding pictures where the couple are stood in front of the wedding car, I mean it’s just a car, I like cars but what the hell has it to do with the wedding apart from getting you from a to b? Now I’ve had my wedding day I can say that the time in the car to the church with my dad, albeit a short journey, was priceless and the journey from church to reception with my new husband was pretty awesome too and because we chose pretty cool transport I’m glad to have pictures with them.

The Husband wanted a Rolls Royce long-based Phantom, originally but they were too rare and expensive so he demoted his request to a general Rolls and we hired our Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III from Lavelle Classics in Rothwell, squishy back seats, smart and helpful driver and excellent service. It was a classic without being weirdly old-fashioned for a normal 21st century wedding. Bridal top tip, Always pay attention to how wide the doors open, how low the seats are or how high the step into the car will be and consider all those things with your dress, it might not be as easy as you think.


We organised a vintage bus to take our guests from the church to reception, because of the size of the wedding a single-decker would do, and a big red London bus wouldn’t make much sense in deepest darkest Yorkshire. The Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company were amazing, a conductor and a driver were supplied with our Guy Arab 1951 open side door bus and they worked with me to organise pick ups from the two hotels to the church and then back again, and they stuck around while we had our photos taken and obliged where we needed. Flowers and ribbon were included to match our colour theme too. One of my favourite memories and photos is of our friends and family from all parts of our lives heading off together on the bus to the reception and it worked to get everyone in the party spirit and start to get to know each other.


I can’t recommend both companies enough, links in the pictures. I loved how the curved wheel arches and large grills on both cars, coming from similar eras, complemented each other, I always find it odd when a few cars are used at wedding but they have no discernible link to each other. Are you planing on transporting your guests, has it been easy or with a large party a bit of nightmare? Anyone going for a less traditional mode of transport or going very old school with horse and carriage?


Venue Decisions

For my big day I knew I wanted a church wedding and the village we live in has a perfectly quaint church, so it left us with decision-making revolving around reception venue. We made a list of the obvious selection within a sensible radius (I don’t think there’s anything worse than a massive journey from church to reception at a wedding) and these included silly fancy ones and small intimate ones. Some well thought of venues disappointed, others were a surprising revelation but to fit what we wanted we were left with two.

A lovely pub just up the lane from the church with a separate building which you can add a marquee onto. I had a vision of a country fayre, bunting decorated, relaxed, small wedding reception. The other was the complete opposite. A large hotel in an 18th century house with golf course and spa, 2 ornate rooms for the day and the whole upstairs of the golf club for the evening do. I loved both but they both provided two very different styles, styling options and vibes, it came down to the question of what kind of wedding we wanted. I think this is an important question to ask yourself when planning your wedding or any other party for that matter, what kind of image and atmosphere do you want to create?

For us the hotel had a special connection from our childhoods. Not only had The Husband stayed there as a child while the new development they were moving into was finished he even had his picture at the entrance about to go off on his first day of school. But I had gone as a child with my parents and aunty and uncle for a fancy meal, I associate the place with my aunty who is no longer with us, and apparently I declared as we left the meal about 20 years ago that; “I would be married there one day.”

I felt torn, small and cosy was the Pinterest in my head but you got a red carpet at the hotel and although it is grand the actual rooms were not conference sized; they were cosy in their own high ceiling kind of way. The large venue won out in the end, the freedom not to have to think too much about restricting the guest list, the experienced support team on site and the value for money. I did worry along the way that we had picked somewhere too big and we’d be lost inside but these doubts were never realised on the day and it was perfect for the size of our party, it felt cosy and homely while looking fabulous with very little effort from us. I guess the lesson is to go with your gut. I love weddings held in tents and tipis in gardens of family and friends and in churches where family members have been christened or wed, I think a personal connection where possible will always win out.


Stationary without a doubt sets the tone of your wedding, paper goods are the first things a guest receives, be it a save the date or invitation and it should give them an idea of what to expect from your day. I don’t like to see people not pay any attention to this part of their wedding.

When we set about finding our stationary I spent weeks trawling the internet, and much like photographers, there is a lot of choice out there.  There are some lovely designs at Not on the High Street which is where I found A Bird and A Bee which I adored, especially the summer fayre bunting design. I love the idea of all the information being bound with twine on Kraft brown paper, The Boy had other ideas and stationary was one of the wedding planning realms he had an opinion on. He made a fair point, we were getting married in a church and then onto a rather large and grand Hall, not a tent in a field or full DIY barn venue so the stationary had to be appropriate and his preference was for the traditional, nothing kooky. So this did narrow down my search, I had a crisis when at the National Wedding Show I found,  Pretty Made. Their designs are sleek and fun and I really wanted to use them but again, more suited to a chic city wedding not our country Yorkshire affair. I eventually found my stationary on a Google search and sent off for a sample, I liked it, the quality was fantastic, and The Boy approved too. A month or so passed and it was time to start properly organising the paper goods so I returned to the website and their designs had changed and in the meantime I had begun to wonder if our first sample was a little plain, so I sent off for ‘Woodland’ and it came and while I liked it, The Boy wasn’t sure, it wasn’t square but rectangle, and it opened a different way and was darker than he’d prefer. So I contacted the company and they were fantastic, one of the best customer services I have received and I couldn’t have been more happy with the results. They allowed us the design of woodland with the shape of the original sample and in a completely different combination of colours to suit us, we got a bespoke service. Everything was prompt, clear, painless and not that expensive and the evening invites, menus and order of service were all from the same company. If we hadn’t chosen particular table plans and name tags we’d have probably got the lot through them, they were Here Comes the Bride and I urge you to take a look at their fantastic work. That was our story and in the new year I’ll go through how we put together the rest of our paper related goods for the big day, the timings and factors to consider when organising your own stationary.

wedding gifts, outdated and mercenary?

As we head to present giving time I thought it was a good time to ask in this day and age how many of us are not living with our future partners already? Show of hands please, not that many at all. How many have already moved out of parental homes whether that be university, flat shares or heading to new cities alone? Most of you. So you’ll have a collection of plates and saucers, spoons and towels? Yes thought so or spaghetti hoop lunches could get messy…so why do we still create wedding lists in department stores for wedding gifts?

Most weddings I go to there is a polite sentence about having your presence as a gift but some cash or vouchers or honeymoon spending money will be fine if you insist, that’s what we did, we said B&Q vouchers to finish our house would be welcome but it’s fine if you don’t and we genuinely didn’t expect the generosity of our guests and I’ll thank them again here, “we have beautiful fitted wardrobes, our house is finished and I can’t thank you all enough”. So I’ll ask the question again, if I don’t know many couples who even ask for wedding lists, and I don’t know any couples who aren’t already shaked up together how do department stores still manage to fleece this service on couples and isn’t it a little mercenary of the couple to compile one? You might argue that vouchers and cash are mercenary but I see it as throwing out an option if people really want to bring something, but asking for a new set of hand towels or some salad servers just seems weird and rude nowadays. If I want to buy you a gift for your house it will be a house-warming and it’ll be just as good a set of salad servers from Wilkinson’s rather than John  Lewis thank you very much (other salad server stockists are available).  The whole tradition comes from a bottom draw, when women still lived with their parents building gifts to create a home for her husband, so how does that concept of items for the house sit in a society with same sex marriages, sex and living together before marriage and where a women isn’t just seen as a house maker? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

how to ask your bridesmaids

When we got back from the holiday where we got engaged I met up with the girls I wanted as my ‘maids separately and asked them if they’d do me the honour of being my big day back up. It was all very simple and polite but I wish I had waited and done something a little more special.

It was only once I was in the planning internet whirl that I found loads of great gift ideas and ways to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids. They center around ‘I have the man but I can’t do it without my girls’ and ‘I can’t do it without you’. I wish I had taken the time and made a gift box which asked the question and given them a memento and a selection of things that have significance in our friendship. There are some beautiful eternity bracelets on etsy which are a lovely way of showing your friendship won’t change even when you become a missus or a bottle of something you enjoy together with a personalised note for your BFF. I think it’s lovely to make an occasion out of everything to do with the planning process even right from the start and I’m gutted to have missed out. Are any of you planning on going that extra mile for your girls?

Before I was engaged I thought I knew who I would have as my bridesmaids, women from different times in my life but all still with me and all quite different to one another, that wasn’t the important factor of my decision it was because they were my best friends, I loved them and I wanted them by my side. When I got engaged I asked them to be my ‘maids. The first I have known since  I was 6, we spent our years growing up together and while our lives have taken different directions I feel like I can talk to her about anything and everything and there will always be laughter when we are together. The second I met at college and was a slow burner of a friendship as we were on the outskirts of each others circles but after some adventure holidays together and a mutual love of American high school dramas we became firm friends. The third was my room-mate through university and 2 years afterwards, in those 5 years we helped each other along a road of learning, DVD collections and abject poverty, we don’t see each other like we used to but I think we’ll always have a special bond. At the time of wedding planning maid no.3 was working in Africa and suffering family bereavement so as we didn’t know if she’d even be able to attend she was demoted to “cross everything I hope you can just be there. I had my two bridesmaids sorted. They are both very different to each other but that really helped, you need a calmer pragmatic person around, and you need a helper, someone to take your mind off things and encourage and make things easy and someone to take the reins of certain tasks, there’s no way I can thank them enough. When we knew maid no.3 would be back in the UK she was given a reading so I could have her be part of the day.

I also had two other close friends take a reading. One of these friends got married a few years ago and reader no.2, maid no.2 and myself were her bridesmaids. I don’t go in for “I was yours so you’ll be mine” theory to bridesmaids and best men, everyone holds their own friendships up to a different light and nowadays people have such wide groups of friends you need different people for different things. I guess back in the day when you had smaller groups of friends and relatives this kind of decision had much less pressure to it. Has anyone out there felt pressured to have someone be part of their day they had rather not? If you have siblings, has anyone decided not to have them as part of the wedding party and what was the fall out? What I did do, is do it all wrong. I asked my maids to be my maids and they said yes and I was sorted. I didn’t say anything to the girls who might have thought they would be included that they weren’t. I didn’t want the confrontation, awkwardness and weirdness of it all, I don’t know if they did expect to be included or not, there was never anything said or remarked upon, it came out in conversation who would be the maids and that was that. But that was all wrong. When they were asking questions in the early days of engagement I should have said “oh and I’ve decided on my bridesmaids but once were further along with planning I like you two to be part of the day hopefully with a reading but we’ll decided nearer the time”. But I, for once, stayed quiet and it was spineless and I will always regret it. I took the opinion that you don’t tell someone that they’re not doing something, and I while I still think that is true, it’s just an excuse to stop me from feeling bad for being a wimp. What do you guys think? Was I a bad person? No friendship has suffered (I hope not anyway) so no harm, no foul? Have you been in a similar circumstance and do you regret not telling someone they wouldn’t be your maid or do you wish you hadn’t had that conversation?

bridesmaid dresses

I wanted my favourite girls to have something comfortable, something they would wear again and something they would look fabulous in, but isn’t that any brides list of requirements when they pick the bridesmaid dresses?

I have always liked the idea of either a SATC look, 3 rich bold colours or black. When one of my bridesmaids took a job in Africa and we didn’t know whether she’d be able to get back for the wedding let alone be accessible for bridesmaid duties the idea of different colours was out of the question. I love to see a spectrum of hues but with only 2 girls it wouldn’t work, you need a troupe.

Our colour theme was purple but I never wanted it to take over everything and have chairs, bridesmaids, groommen’s accessories and all the flowers looking like Cadbury’s wrappers, so black made sense for the girls. I spent a while looking around seeing if anything in particular caught my eye but we went shopping for their dresses with a fairly open mind, as we were an autumn wedding a long to the floor number was a vague front-runner though. We had an appointment at one bridal shop which stocked Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses and pretty much every style of dress you can imagine. There was to be no satin, nothing heavy that they wouldn’t wear again and then I got them back for making me try on a million dresses when I looked for my dress, and got them to try on loads. One little black number caught my eye and it was between that lace number and a long purple strapless gown. We then went to Debenhams and had some lunch and they tried some off the rail dresses on, some were nice but not as good quality as the Mori Lee ones. Again if I’d have had more than 2 bridesmaids I think I would have been more inclined to let them get what they wanted, so different style but in the same colour or different range of colours in whatever style they wanted. It came back to the two in the original shop and the black one won out. I got a bit nervous about not doing the traditional thing but then my mum reminded me of two things, I’d always mentioned black as a dress colour before I was even engaged and I wanted something they would definitely wear again, this ticked both boxes. It was great to have a girly day out so I would recommend making an event out of it. My girls were so helpful giving me a spec of “we’ll wear whatever you want us to wear” and “they’re all comfortable we’d be happy to wear either”. A dream, I hope you can all be as lucky. Despite ordering the dresses just over 6 months before the wedding day we didn’t have them until the weekend before. I had contemplated ordering them from the internet and saving some cash as I knew the design and designer but had decided that through a shop would give me more security, was I wrong. The shop didn’t chase the dresses and relied on the fact they’d never had any problems with their suppliers before. While the shop were helpful in every other aspect, on two occasions when we thought the dresses would be in it took my phone call to prompt them to chase and in my opinion that’s bad customer service. I was never worried there would be something wrong with the dresses or that they’d need much, if any, alteration (and one of the girls in fact needed none) it was that will less than 10 days before your wedding you expect things like this to be sorted and you want to be as organised as you can be. There were loads of little things to do and chasing after 2 dresses should not have been on the list. All was well in the end and not only we they happy with them they looked stunning in them too.

celebrity weddings

I can’t believe we are fast approaching the end of the year, looking back through 2014 there have been a fair amount of celebrity weddings this year, all quite different but with lots of steal-able ideas and dress inspiration. When it comes to dresses the stand out contributors have to be Angelina Jolie-Pitt’s family orientated doodled dress, a beautiful simple satin front and then embroidered with family doodles on the veil and back. Lots of brides have their own dresses made so as long as you find a trusted seamstress this is something the ordinary bride could achieve. I loved the sentiment of making their wedding something that included the whole family and the children being part of the ceremony as cake makers, ring bearers and bridesmaids.



Piper Perabo and Jessica Simpson went for sparkling numbers, Piper also opting for a yellow veil which worked perfectly with the dress and certainly stood out as different. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting kept the coloured dress a popular option following in the footsteps of Jessica Biel and Gwen Stefani with a pink gown something I’d love to see ordinary brides styling with more often. In July Fearne Cotton also went for sparkle with her ethereal but relaxed summer dress, so hopefully all this sparkle will start a trend.

piperjessica-simpson-600 kaley-cuoco-dress-569fearne

In terms of style the whole Kimye extravaganza with walls of flowers certainly impressed even if your local florist and your bank balance might not be able to stretch to their level. Perhaps just a floral arch or smaller backdrop for your own big day? Theirs and the Clooney-Alamuddin nuptials at the end of the year certainly made Italy a popular wedding location. Is there anything more romantic than Venice?



I loved the flower headband of Ashley Tinsdale and her relaxed bouquet, along with the lace used by Kelly Clarkson and she also sported beautiful headwear and who can resist a sunflower bouquet. There also seems to many a groom wearing black suits and thin black ties for a classic timeless look through these celebrity nuptials.

Ashley-Tisdale kelly

There’s still no sign of pictures from Ginnerfer Goodwin or Cheryl Fernadez-Versini weddings yet but there’s still hope something might appear soon. Hope these have given you some inspiration on this rather grey Sunday. Let me know if there was a particular celebrity wedding you loved this year.


I’ve been through my wedding dress finding adventures now I want to get into the sparkle of the bride’s outfit. Due to the neckline of my dress I didn’t think a necklace would sit right, so for me it was all about bracelet and earings and I wanted my hair half up and half down so thought maybe a veil would sit nicely at the back of my head. On wedding dress expeditions the mum-in-law kept asking if I would wear a veil, but I had no set thoughts on the idea and thought it would depend on what dress I picked first. When the dress was decided upon it had lovely detail at the back, so surely a veil would just get in the way and hide it all? On the other hand when I was given one to try on at the dress fitting it did look nice, quite thin flowing down the back to match the length of the dress and let’s face it when else would I get to wear a veil? The Boy’s thought were also fairly indifferent as long as I didn’t come down the aisle with it over my face, what would be creepy apparently. The veil in the dress shop was around £200 which is obscene for some plain tulle material in my opinion but I got a similar looking number for £30 on eBay instead. I didn’t think much of it after that, I took it to one dress fitting to get the full effect but didn’t take it to my hair trial and it was rarely mentioned. On the day of the wedding my hairdressers was leaving before I was into the dress and we suddenly remembered about the veil, but it would be difficult to put into the hair now, but it could be done and instructions were about to be passed onto a bridesmaid. When it was in situ I stood up and realised it felt quite heavy and I would be paranoid about it being stood on and how it would now look in my beautiful hair, so I made the executive decision and went without the veil. Did I miss it? No. Did anyone mention it until half way through the day? No and that was only mums who were expecting to see it. So I was glad to have one less thing to think about on the day to be honest, something that couldn’t go wrong or get in the way. Who’s planing on wearing a veil on their big day? Maybe you have a family heirloom to wear or you have very strong opinions about them? Let me know. I’m all about keeping fuss to a minimum which is why I opted for no hair jewelry or bands. Having worn a headband and such adornment as a bridesmaid, while obviously looking awesome they move because my hair is fine and I wear glasses, so often there’s rubbing or something being dislodged behind my ear. This will probably be just me but I’ve got ready for a glam night out, a ball, wedding or been a bridesmaid and had too many things to deal with regarding my outfit and accessories. I can never seem to do seamless, carefree, gorgeous and have everything just work. Something slips, or rides up or rubs and something will catch on something else or I’m just plain thinking about something and it distracts me the whole evening. I know, I’m a mess, but in my 29 years I have learnt, so for the most important day of my life I was keeping it simple, stupid.

A dress that felt comfortable, decent underwear and not much jewelery and defiantly nothing in my hair, not even a fancy pin. It does mean I missed out on some beautiful pieces though (but it was worth it because I didn’t give a second thought to my outfit once the day was in full swing). I’ve created a Pinterest board with some sparkly pieces that would have been great to wear. Have you already picked your jewellery, anyone opting for a floral crown or a full on Gatsby inspired head of glitz and sparkle? Let me know what you think is there anyone out there who would stress that much about not wearing a headband?


902847_10153304623660408_2028944485_oI like to make an occasion of things (in case you hadn’t noticed already) when we got our official wedding photos back we got both sets of parents round for a full slide show extravaganza. The photos are amazing and if you follow me on social media you’ll know that Ed Godden was our man and we can’t rate him highly enough.

We had bubbly and nibbles for the parents big screening and for Christmas presents last year they got personalised photo books and the whole blooming lot on a memory stick to do with as they please (along with some scrummy hampers). I loved getting them back on a memory stick (partially to do with the cost of the beautiful albums) as it meant we could take our time to choose our prints and make an album. This still hasn’t happened yet but I plan on asking for some lovely photo albums to fill from Santa this year. I particularly like Aspinals of London, I bought our friends a wedding gift of photo albums from them, they can be personalised, so they have one for wedding and one for honeymoon and I do like the idea of creating an album that you can add all the tickets and mementos from the trip or day alongside pictures. Snapfish come highly recommended for prints and I used Optimal Print for our thank you cards, excellent service, sent through the next day and really good quality, I would use them again.

There are loads of companies that will print your digital photos for you, I loved the fact our wedding photographer sent our pre wedding shoot to us via drop box and our big day photos came on a USB stick. We have a Canon printer at home, only for 4×6 but we have a few of those multi-frames on the walls of our lounge for that size so we can get our photos up on the wall as soon as we want, and we can change them whenever we get bored too. I am strangely nostalgic for the days when you took your film capsule into a photo shop and had to wait for it to develop and then stand outside looking through all the terrible shots you hid at the back of the pile. Yes you didn’t know if you took a duff shot but you physically had them to re-print and frame and place in photo albums. How many of you have hundreds if not thousands of digital photos on a hard drive right now but not in an album to be able to share and enjoy? A little sad I think. As we approach Christmas a time for friends and family, and the new year, for new beginnings, take a trip down memory lane, get out the album you haven’t looked at in years or create the one you’ve been meaning to for months, but don’t forget the bubbles and enjoy.

Finding a photographer was a very difficult process for us because we like photography ourselves and we got quite picky. The choices are endless and the more you search on the internet the more you are comparing prices and packages and how they compose group shots and do they do silly ones and is it a bit more reportage, and none of this was helped by the fact The Boy is surgically attached to a Canon SLR 90% of the time.

I didn’t do what every bride seems to do when I read blogs and ‘we saw the site and knew immediately they were for us’. Maybe it’s because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The Boy could have done our photos if he was not going to be slightly busy on the day. Did anyone out there have similar issue? A graphic designer with way too much pressure to produce the stationary? Someone who’s done a flower course and is torn between cracking on yourself or being picky about people’s work? There’s saving money and making a bridge for your own back I think and ultimately you should be enjoying the day.

There was certain criteria for our photographer, their website had to be clear and easy to look through and give a price list so we knew where we stood, if they haven’t put the effort into a website what hope should you have for the rest of the service and a black background with a difficult to use gallery just won’t cut it. They then had to fall into our budget, but photography isn’t something you should be tight with, this is your lasting memory of the day, all that time and effort to get it just as you want but then have a poor quality memento of the whole thing, not really what you want is it? Then we obviously had to like the work, this is complete personal preference but not too many staged shots, but the flexibility to give us some family shots and the rest a record of the day as it ran, no messing with standing a colour out or putting a dinosaur chasing us in the background, and definitely no over produced shots in Photoshop. We eventually got a short list of 3 photographers and went to meet them, this seems to be another factor than some people neglect, but even if it’s a long phone conversation or Skype spend some time getting to know your photographer and for them to get an idea of what you want from the day, that way you’ll get it.

We were offered a pre-wedding shoot and if you have doubts about these, don’t. Definitely take advantage of them because it’s another way to get to know your photographer and if you’re not very comfortable in front of a camera, or even if you’re a regular Kate Moss it means you get used to what will be asked of you in posing from your photographer and they’ll get to understand what you’re comfortable with.

We quickly felt comfortable around ours, Mr Ed Godden, Aside from my fringe dying on me due to the humidity, and feeling silly posing for someone we understood what he wanted and fell into it, and we now have some lovely couple photos, not something we have enough of, we’re quick to take pictures of things and places we visit but not us together.



The Boy likes his camera, his first SLR was all the way back in September  2009 not that long after we’d got together so our relationship has been punctuated with late night star trail shots, weird and wonderful ideas for 365 day challenges and experiments with off camera flash and me trying to understand a whole new language of apertures and shutter speeds. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures and I think I have an eye for capturing things, but The Boy definitely has the patience and technical ability I lack with a fancy camera, so between us we make a decent photographer. Due to his skills family members began to pester that he should try to do it full-time. We know our wedding photographer is getting booked up to 2016 but that’s because he has 18 years of experience, and from the days trying to find a photographer we know that the market is saturated with people vying for your business, it would also take a decent outlay of cash to upgrade his current equipment, but it is a nice idea. What a lovely job it must be to share people’s special days with them and to be able to give them their lasting memories from it, a lot of pressure but a job filled with love.

Do we all have hobbies and enjoyment that we’d like to become our job, I think those that actually do are in the wonderful minority, if we all did it then who would work in Barclays anyway?! From planning my wedding I’d love to move into event planner and hopefully from this blog and some upcoming events I’ll share with you I can make something of it, but will the reality ruin my enjoyment, would taking photographs full-time ruin The Boy’s love for it,  I guess you don’t know unless you go for it.

In this spirit when our friends wanted some nice pictures at the request of a mother for Christmas we went on a simple walk with them and came back with around 20 couple shots for them to choose from. It was a nice way to spend an hour, all quite painless and a rather nice selection came from it. The mum approved. See my favourite below.

If you’re interested in some family or couple pictures taking, whether you’ve got engaged or just realise there’s a gap in your photo album for this time in your life, then contact The Boy on We’re in the Yorkshire region and as he’s building a portfolio it’s very reasonable and relaxed. You might be getting married soon and you’re not sure how you feel in front of a camera. The Boy (with me usually tagging along) is building up his experience behind the camera, perfect arrangement, eh?



colourful weddings

I love the colours of this season, the oranges and auburn of the leaves, the nights getting darker with the excuse for more candle light than might be humanly necessary. What I especially love at this time of year is the bold pop of a super colourful wedding; to be honest a bright wedding colour theme works with the onset of spring and in the heat of the summer. There’s further finds on our Pinterest board for Colourful Weddings but below is some my favourites for some big day inspiration. Bridesmaids in a bold mix of colours, bright shoes for the bride and a selection of chair decorations, balloons and confetti. I hope it brightens up your dark autumn evening and mornings.

Ronnie & Craig’s Cooler than Cool, Multi-Coloured DIY Wedding

Soo cute instead of rice or bird seed, really pretty,

rainbow wedding photo by aubrey trinnaman

Super bright and funky wedding colors and dress. #bright #wedding #neon

what a great idea to add a splash of color to your wedding!

Party Resources: I Do II: Emma of Capers Catering

Colorful wedding cake--simple design...would tone down the colors. Maybe all different shades of aqua or aqua and purple and lavender