Ah now then cars, having religiously watched Top Gear with The Boy this was part of the wedding planning process he had an interest in. I’ve never really understood the wedding pictures where the couple are stood in front of the wedding car, I mean it’s just a car, I like cars but what the hell has it to do with the wedding apart from getting you from a to b? Now I’ve had my wedding day I can say that the time in the car to the church with my dad, albeit a short journey, was priceless and the journey from church to reception with my new husband was pretty awesome too and because we chose pretty cool transport I’m glad to have pictures with them.

The Husband wanted a Rolls Royce long-based Phantom, originally but they were too rare and expensive so he demoted his request to a general Rolls and we hired our Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III from Lavelle Classics in Rothwell, squishy back seats, smart and helpful driver and excellent service. It was a classic without being weirdly old-fashioned for a normal 21st century wedding. Bridal top tip, Always pay attention to how wide the doors open, how low the seats are or how high the step into the car will be and consider all those things with your dress, it might not be as easy as you think.


We organised a vintage bus to take our guests from the church to reception, because of the size of the wedding a single-decker would do, and a big red London bus wouldn’t make much sense in deepest darkest Yorkshire. The Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company were amazing, a conductor and a driver were supplied with our Guy Arab 1951 open side door bus and they worked with me to organise pick ups from the two hotels to the church and then back again, and they stuck around while we had our photos taken and obliged where we needed. Flowers and ribbon were included to match our colour theme too. One of my favourite memories and photos is of our friends and family from all parts of our lives heading off together on the bus to the reception and it worked to get everyone in the party spirit and start to get to know each other.


I can’t recommend both companies enough, links in the pictures. I loved how the curved wheel arches and large grills on both cars, coming from similar eras, complemented each other, I always find it odd when a few cars are used at wedding but they have no discernible link to each other. Are you planing on transporting your guests, has it been easy or with a large party a bit of nightmare? Anyone going for a less traditional mode of transport or going very old school with horse and carriage?


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