all about the lob

I had a haircut on Saturday, not the most exciting of events but it was a decent trim and root touch up to my ombre lob. I may be late to the party but since watching Beyoncé perform at the Grammy’s at the start of the year with a natural wave and ombre lob I’ve been obsessed. The prefect length to be manageable and not too boring and perfect for my naturally curly hair and since the start of the summer I’ve had my brown roots enhanced with a warm blond at the tips and I’ve absolutely loved it and still do. I’m normally scared to do anything too trendy or will change back after one hairdresser visit but this just works and is still working for so many celebrities, even the power house that is Taylor Swift got rid of her long locks for the look. What do people think to it? Is it getting a bit tired now, what will be the haircut sensation of 2015? Is anyone planning anything dramatic, any strong colour changes? I’m always tempted to go back red at this time of year. Let me know if you’re getting married soon and you’re having hair issues, are people still thinking of growing their hair before the big day to give them more styling option, I’d love to hear what you think.



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