beard ambition

We are now into Movember so it seems a good a time as any to discuss mens faces. Well more precisely their facial hair.

You may have noticed from some of the photos on here that The Boy, or should that be The Husband, had some stubble on our big day. He didn’t want to be completely clean-shaven and baby-faced to avoid looking like a 12-year-old. The in-laws offered him a special cut throat shave and spa experience for the big day but he wanted to keep things low maintenance, as is his style.

From a male point of view just as much as a woman’s the stylings you have for your big day needs to have an element of timelessness, I feel anything too trendy will not stand the test of time in your photographs and memories. I had red hair pre wedding and have since gone for an ombre style since but consciously thought about keeping my hair colour to a more natural look for the big day. In the same respect for his facial hair The Husband wanted to look like himself, the best version of. Post honeymoon though he took his low maintenance approach to grooming one step further, and started to grow a beard, it was shaved back for a friend’s wedding in the new year but since then has had almost 11 months of growing. It seems to have coincided with a very trendy time for beards, it looks as though The Husband belongs in a chunky cardigan in the Next catalogue. The longer it grew the more upkeep it has needed, his hairdressers have changed to one including trusted beard trims and shaping and his drawer in the bathroom now consists of a beard comb, oil and wax (much fun has been had shaping the moustache part of the beard into curly tentacles). This low maintenance accessory has gone the other way and there doesn’t appear to be any letting go anytime soon, not when it provides him with many conversations with strangers in bars (mostly men) who admire this statement of manliness. Does your other half have a beard or considering growing one for the winter months and have beards being the subject of debate when wedding days approach? I think if your man has had a beard for a significant time and is very much how he is perceived then wedding beards are a go but if it’s a brief trend or gimmick then he may regret his choice in years to come but is there anything more handsome than a beardy man in a suit?



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