I’ve been through my wedding dress finding adventures now I want to get into the sparkle of the bride’s outfit. Due to the neckline of my dress I didn’t think a necklace would sit right, so for me it was all about bracelet and earings and I wanted my hair half up and half down so thought maybe a veil would sit nicely at the back of my head. On wedding dress expeditions the mum-in-law kept asking if I would wear a veil, but I had no set thoughts on the idea and thought it would depend on what dress I picked first. When the dress was decided upon it had lovely detail at the back, so surely a veil would just get in the way and hide it all? On the other hand when I was given one to try on at the dress fitting it did look nice, quite thin flowing down the back to match the length of the dress and let’s face it when else would I get to wear a veil? The Boy’s thought were also fairly indifferent as long as I didn’t come down the aisle with it over my face, what would be creepy apparently. The veil in the dress shop was around £200 which is obscene for some plain tulle material in my opinion but I got a similar looking number for £30 on eBay instead. I didn’t think much of it after that, I took it to one dress fitting to get the full effect but didn’t take it to my hair trial and it was rarely mentioned. On the day of the wedding my hairdressers was leaving before I was into the dress and we suddenly remembered about the veil, but it would be difficult to put into the hair now, but it could be done and instructions were about to be passed onto a bridesmaid. When it was in situ I stood up and realised it felt quite heavy and I would be paranoid about it being stood on and how it would now look in my beautiful hair, so I made the executive decision and went without the veil. Did I miss it? No. Did anyone mention it until half way through the day? No and that was only mums who were expecting to see it. So I was glad to have one less thing to think about on the day to be honest, something that couldn’t go wrong or get in the way. Who’s planing on wearing a veil on their big day? Maybe you have a family heirloom to wear or you have very strong opinions about them? Let me know. I’m all about keeping fuss to a minimum which is why I opted for no hair jewelry or bands. Having worn a headband and such adornment as a bridesmaid, while obviously looking awesome they move because my hair is fine and I wear glasses, so often there’s rubbing or something being dislodged behind my ear. This will probably be just me but I’ve got ready for a glam night out, a ball, wedding or been a bridesmaid and had too many things to deal with regarding my outfit and accessories. I can never seem to do seamless, carefree, gorgeous and have everything just work. Something slips, or rides up or rubs and something will catch on something else or I’m just plain thinking about something and it distracts me the whole evening. I know, I’m a mess, but in my 29 years I have learnt, so for the most important day of my life I was keeping it simple, stupid.

A dress that felt comfortable, decent underwear and not much jewelery and defiantly nothing in my hair, not even a fancy pin. It does mean I missed out on some beautiful pieces though (but it was worth it because I didn’t give a second thought to my outfit once the day was in full swing). I’ve created a Pinterest board with some sparkly pieces that would have been great to wear. Have you already picked your jewellery, anyone opting for a floral crown or a full on Gatsby inspired head of glitz and sparkle? Let me know what you think is there anyone out there who would stress that much about not wearing a headband?


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