halloween wreath







It seems to me quite an American tradition to have a wreath on the front door for a holiday celebration, not something you see much in the UK but I really like the concept. Letting your neighbours and visitors know the mood and celebrations happening in the house and brightening up your front door. So I decided to construct my own for Halloween. I coincided a wire frame and using burlap to create a base but I found the pre-made twig effect wreath and thought that would still be an ideal base to change the wreath for Christmas and Spring. I bought a garland of fake autumn leaves, dried fruit and some little cute plastic pumpkins.








I started by threading the garland round the wreath frame then I began to add the detail. I was tempted to add felt flowers and ghouls but as it’s exposed to the elements I stuck with items which would be more robust. If your front door is more sheltered then perhaps add fake cobwebs for a more spooky look or fresh flowers for a more seasonal feel. I bought florist wire to attach the dried fruit and secure the garland more confidently to the frame.








Now it’s up on the front door waiting for the kids to knock for sweets on Friday night, I love how it’s brightened up our plain white PVC door and I’ll update the blog in the coming months when I change the design on the frame to fit for Christmas and Easter holidays and I’ll go into more detail of how I put them together.


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