the staff of life



Everyone seems to be obsessed with sugar; how evil it is, how it could be worse than fat for your health and there’s a new term which keeps cropping up; clean eating. It sounds great, making sure the food you eat is in it’s purest form, no additives no pre-packaged nonsense, and ultimately taking the time to care for what you put in your body. I completely buy into it, so much so that I bought a juicer and a cook book to assist in this healthy venture. It’s lasted quite a while but I have to be honest and say that life gets in the way. As much as I love a good meal out and food does excite me, the latest Marks and Spencer food porn definitely got me going, you do just eat to live so after a long day at work I don’t always have the energy to make my own pasta out of a courgette.

The blender we bought does get used more than the cook book, the Breville Blend Active is convenient, easy to use, effective and can be put through the dishwasher. I found the all fruit smoothies I made, what I thought to be safe options with no chance of sending me to the canteen when I took it for lunch at work, were not as filling or tasty as the scary looking ones. By that I mean the green ones combining vegetables and fruit together, in my mind they should not work but the spinach, pear, grape, yoghurt and avocado is still my favourite go to smoothie. They are relevantly quick to make too; on a morning to keep it fresher and keeping the goodness there for a definite afternoon pick me up. Much more than a sandwich would. Which bring me to the title of this post, isn’t bread meant to be the staff of life? The main components of our daily meals, but it seems bread as much as sugar is getting a bad press at the moment, it is because bread nowadays isn’t what it used to be, more full of sugar and additives so it lasts for longer so it is no longer the right stable of food. Perhaps it’s the celebrity culture of going gluten-free or that everyone seems to be gluten intolerant all of a sudden, either way I do find if I remove it from my diet I am less bloated and feel better, but it can be hard to find lunches in particular that are as filling as those which are bread based. Who out there is trying to shape up for the Christmas party season or on a wedding countdown and is trying to find substantial but healthy afternoon food ideas? Any got any tips or smoothie recipes to share, I’d love to hear.


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