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It’s said that women use scents and smells to trigger memories more than men, I know it certainly does for me, if I smell fern trees I’m in Hornsea aged 8 on a school holiday or just cooked rice and I’m at the home stay in Thailand. Initially having my doubts and being budget conscious I did not plan of having a new perfume for my wedding day but in the end I decided it would be lovely to evoke the memories of that most special of days and I wear it on equally special husband and wife days now. I chose Dahlia Noir for it’s soft and gentle tones, but without being too flowery and overwhelming. I wanted to wear it not the other way round.

I used to get new perfumes in January, save up my Boots Advantage points all year and then splurge in the sales, on sets with body lotions and me and a university friend could spend hours in Newcastle’s Boots store going up and down the perfume counters. I used to be a particularly big fan of a fun bottle and even now the bottle design needs to be as alluring as the scent itself. I’ve been through most of the Anna Sui range for this very reason but I used to be a big fan of Dior and especially J’adore in it’s sumptuous gold bottle.

For the last few years I’ve stuck to Beyoncé’s Heat which I started using after getting free with the start of a magazine subscription, it works in summer and winter but I’m ready for a change so cue a long time spent at perfume counters and coming home with millions of white paper sticks. Being a sucker for celebrities and a quirky bottle the Nicky Minaj perfumes certainly stand out but the sweet and soft tones of Miss Dior and Prada Florale are the front runners for my Christmas wish list. I want something that will look pretty on my dressing table, work whatever the season and not be overpowering, not too much to ask for? Does anyone have an suggestions or recommendations for me before I plan my next perfume counter trip and ask Santa for a new fragrance?



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