Books I am reading

books I am reading by Chris Baggley

The Girl Who Played with Fire – S Larsson

I finally got round to reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo early this year on a short and relaxing holiday to Ibiza where I did nothing but lay by the pool and read, I had been given it as a present years ago but I could never get beyond the first chapter. I am so glad I finally pressed on because now I’m flying through the sequels and I love being sucked into the world of our anti-heroes, dark Scandinavia and vivid story telling. If you haven’t read the trilogy yet (I know a lot will be shouting ‘who hasn’t’ right now) then give it a go because intrigue and journalism was never so cool.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? – M Kaling

I am obsessed with The Mindy Project (season 2 currently on E4) with goofy-ness, not too trite situations and characters who are flawed so believable. I am the lead character, Mindy Lahiri, she says the things I think and she lives this very well dressed life in New York that I am envious of. I needed to know more about the writer and star Mindy Kaling, if this was her baby then I wanted to be friends with the person that gave me TV Mindy who tried to have shower sex with her boyfriend and it ended in the same hilarious way the husband and I’s attempt ended. So I got her book for my birthday, her random stream of consciousness from her blog, it talks much of her time working on the American version of The Office, which I never watched, but if you didn’t either don’t let it put you off the stories of a real woman heading to and working in LA. The real Mindy says what I think too, why it takes men so long to put shoes on, the film remarks she wants to make, why rom coms and college are so great and how friendships work. I have a major girl crush right now and I would highly recommend this easy and funny read.

How to Host A Dinner Party – C Mintz

Another birthday present was the Dinner Party Guide (hopefully my friend wasn’t trying to tell me my Chinese New Year party blew) but this is great even if you’re an old hand at throwing a dinner party. Don’t over complicate things, think about who you’re inviting and a sin I always commit which is don’t over invite and think about who you’re inviting. It’s so easy to want to get everyone round but it can lead to an over stretched host and awkward seating plans. If you’re thinking of getting people round this autumn for a more formal get together then give this a go for a little advice by a witty American.

Running Like A Girl – A Heminsley

I ran the Leeds 10k this July. I am not a runner. At all. I used to say unless someone was chasing me why would I run. But then I got into it and I liked what by body could do and how it altered, how my lung capacity and fitness improved and I would never say I was a ‘runner’ but I’m so much more of one than I was. This book is irreverent and informative and basically highlights that it’s not just your legs or lungs that stop you from going further it’s your head and she’s an inspirational author who isn’t afraid of telling you her lowest points. It makes you want to put your trainers on and get out there.


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